We’ll take your project from start to finish. We offer the service of winterizing your structure. We remove the canvas and inspect your structure annually for a pre-established fee. Customers can remove their own smaller sails before the snow flies.


Shade Cloth Maintenance:


• Call us to reattach shade sails (small fee applies).



• Consider spraying your shade sails down once or twice during the summer to eliminate dust and dirt. Do not use high pressure spray.



• Call us to remove and inspect shade sails before the winter snows arrive (small fee applies). Removal of sails will prevent potential damage to sails and structures from heavy snows.


Sail Storage:

Remove, ensure dryness, fold and roll, store in plastic garbage bag or plastic bin to prevent potential mold and critter damage.


Warranty Information:

Limited Warranty:

Alpine Shade Masters, Inc. (hereafter referred to as ASM) warrants that the shade cloth sail is free of defects in the material workmanship and installation. The fabric is warranted by Polyfab USA, the fabric manufacturer for 10 consecutive years from date of purchase. Alpine Shade Masters Inc. warranties the structure points of attachment for three years. If the customer modifies any part of the sail, attachment points, or poles from the original design and installation, the warranty will be null and void.


Not Included in the Warranty:

Conditions unrelated to the material and installation of the shade structure and sails includes high winds, flying debris impacting the structure or sail, added weight from snow, or any other accident or force of nature. Heat damage due to outdoor stoves, grills, fires, or chimineas is not covered under our warranty.



• Use of outdoor stoves, grills, fires, or chimineas can damage shade sails and resulting damage is not covered by our warranty policy.

• Snow can add excessive weight loads to shade sails and may damage sails, attachment points and structures that are attached to the sails. Resulting damage is not covered by our warranty policy.

Please feel free to call me at: (720)289-1429